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With Drain Vision, Sewer Camera Inspection, We Can Video The Inside Of Your Sewer Pipes And Tell You What’s Causing Your Drain Problems!!!!


Located near all the beautiful beaches of Brunswick County North Carolina and serving Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Calabash, Shallotte, Holden Beach, Supply, Oak Island, Southport, Little River SC, Cherry Grove SC and surrounding areas. We offer residential and commercial plumbing services that customers depend on for all of their plumbing needs.

Our Licenses include:

Issued by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners:                                             NC P1 18804     &    NC Plumbing Inspector Certification Level III

Issued by the South Carolina Contractors Licensing Board                                         SC PB2 114167

We are not a national chain, but a locally owned plumbing company offering dependable hometown service to all our clients.  We use straight forward pricing therefore you will always know what your job will cost BEFORE we start any work.  For you, this means consistant pricing across the board for every one of our clients.

Our continued success is due to our experience and level of commitment to our customers.  Our technecians train around the country to stay up to date on all the latest codes and products.  Personal one-on-one service accompanied by our insured, expert technicians gives us the advantage and gives you prompt, professional results each and every time. Our technecians are drug tested and background checked for your saftey and piece of mind.

We’re in your neighborhood!            We hope to be your all inclusive plumber!

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Have you ever asked yourself  “why do my toilets need repairing so often”?


Your Potable Water System

IS AFFECTED BY 3 Main Things


1.     Age Of Your System – the older your plumbing system, the more damage chlorine and hard water affect it.

2.     Quality of Water – coincides with with the age of the system.  The harder the water, or higher the chlorine level, the more damage occurs to your system.

3.     Water Pressure – Everyone loves a strong spray from their shower head.  However, the more water pressure going through your pipes, the more repair your system will require on an annual basis.


In the long term, the piping in your home is affected, but in the shorter term things like your faucets, toilet tank parts and water heaters take a real beating from these 3 factors.

  • Faucets are affected internally by hard or heavily chlorinated water causing them to need replacing.


  • The rubber seals in your toilet tank, such as the water fill valve, the flapper on the flush valve, and even the tank bolt seals are strongly effected by the chlorine in municipal water systems.  If you winterize your home with bio-degradable antifreeze this further deteriorates these seals causing them to need replacing regularly.  


  • When water is heated in your water heater, calcium is separated from the water leaving a deposit in the tank (tank water heater) or in the heat exchanger (tank-less water heater).  If not flushed (tank water heater) or de-scaled (tank-less water heater) this calcium deposit will literally shorten the life of your water heater by 50% or more.



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